Flo isn't what you would call a traditional person, so i'll keep this as true to nature as posible. Born in Washington County, and re-homed just about everywhere surrounding it. With a rough youth, he found Music to be his true escape. Around the age of 6 or 7, hip hop music really took hold. 2pac, Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep. As the years passed taste in music became varied. From Primus to Tech N9ne, Job for A Cowboy to Bob Marley, and everything in between. Something always spoke more than anything else though. Mid 90s, NY hip hop. Life became even more hectic as a young adult, music was release. Writing helped to ease the pain it seemed. So, why not? More time passed, and with the push of a great friend, FloSo came to be(over time). Many shows have been done, ranging from backyard private events, bars, and clubs. Hes met stages from baltimore, fredrick, martinsburg, and many places inbetween. Connections grew, doing work with a slew of local talent. To name a few, Young Marley, Wiley FLEW, Skies, Sike Sick, Super Ro, and networking with plenty more. The seed has been planted, the name is known. After years of doubt the time seems to be now. The Hoodlum some know, and love (or hate) is now ready to bring you real, true to the core HIP HOP music. Wordplay is the way to the peoples heart. Expect nothing less than raw talent. Here to bring you what the game is missing so much of. If you ask his influences, he'll simply say music. Brace yourself, its Hoodlum season.