DreadEye is the monster creation of Wiley F.L.E.W. & Super 'Ro. Bridging the gap between East & West Coast Hip Hop, DreadEye created a Movement & Legacy that cemented them as LOCAL LEGENDS IN THE 4 STATE AREA.

Initially just Wiley & 'Ro collaborating in 'Ro's Living room studio over either Super 'Ro or 'Ro's younger brother, Nicky Spoonz's production. The Duo rocked events with Tech N9ne & Strange Music Artists. As well as playing the 2009 Gathering before even taking on the name "DReadEye."

What came from the era of collaboration was DreadEye's Debut "U.T.O.P.I.A." (Unconditional Terms Of Power Insisted & Attained). This Project involved Matt "Bugz" Snodgrass as an engineer for the project. U.T.O.P.I.A. also featured Corey Clopein, who created the Original DreadEye Logo, As the Photographer and Graphic Desiner for the album art & promotion. What came next was the DITF Era..

"DreadEye Is The Future Baby!!"

From The U.T.O.P.I.A. project DreadEye Relased Music Videos for the SIngles "Basement Crack" (which was A Title Track produced by Saint Sinna for The Basement Crack Vol. 8 mixtape that DreadEye hosted with the video being done by videographer Shaun Holly). As Well as "Listen To The Wind Blow" (Produced By Nicky Spoonz with Videographer J Law).

But The DITF Era Started with "Watch Me Rise" With Visuals from frequent Collaborator Bradly Atom, DreadEye made a Statement with a Sea of "DREADEYE IS THE FUTURE BABY!!" Tee Shirts being featured in the video.

The Duo went on to sell nearly 400 of the Tees Featured in this video and used that to fund a mojority of their music over the next couple years.

Soon After The TBE "LOcal Heat Advisory" collaboration between the Duo & Homicydal Maniax, work began on the "DREADEYE LOVES YOU" Project. This Project Featured The Local Hoodlum Hits: MOSH, Forgot About DE, Purgatory, the title track DreadEye Loves You, & the Now Hoodlum Classic, HUMBLE HOODLUM 2014. All videos were shot by Frequent collaborator Blue. With The Artwork done by Artist Ray Wade.

DreadEye shared the stage & played the same events (most of which Wiley was the promoter for) with some of the underground's biggest names. From Tech N9ne & STrange Music to Slaughterhouse of Shady Records. They toured the West Coast on the MAJOR LEAGUE BLAZERS TOUR & blazed a path through the East Coast.

DreadEye set the standard for Hoodlum Music & the Hoodlum Movement as a whole.

WIth a 2009 & 2016 GOTJ under their belts, DreadEye acheived what some local hip-hop artists hope to one day get a taste of. DreadEye's story is one of Collaboration. From the creation of the group to their last project. The spirit of DreadEye lives on through Hoodlum Collaboration.



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