H.H.E. Team

team hoodlum

a few of the people behind the scenes

Andrew "Wiley F.L.E.W." Butler- Founder

Lonnie "Super 'Ro" Johnson- Owner

Matt "The Juice" Oliver- HHE Tastemaker

Eric Marston- Regional Promotion For HHE

Sarah Cropp- Local Promotion For HHE

Eric Ecton- Head Of Humble Hoodlum Sports Entertainment

Jaemar "CrayMar" Natas- Head Merchanary & Hoodlum Blogger

Jason "Kurbe" Kirby- Hoodlum Blogger

Stephanie "MamaDox" Whetzel- HHE Artist Coordinator/               WCE Booking Agent & WV Brand Ambassador  (HumbleHoodlumSubmissions@gmail.com)





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