Starting out as Skitzo, Hagerstown Skeez, & Johnny Hagers, Wiley F.L.E.W. Coined the terms "Humble Hoodlum" & "Hoodlums."

As founder of HUMBLE HOODLUM ENTERTAINMENT, He released his Debut Mixtape "Under The Influences (Jacked Beats & Rap Sheets)."

Wiley F.L.E.W., Still not yet called Wiley, started planning & Promoting events at local Ruritans.  

After a stint in jail Hagerstown Skeez Emerged as Wiley F.L.E.W. & formed the Underground Hip-Hop Duo "DreadEye" with Super 'Ro.

Wiley Went on to bring Underground & Commercial Acts To Western Maryland. While releasing music & touring with DreadEye.

Wiley F.L.E.W. was unfortunately slain Well before his time late 2017. But his legand lives on. WIley Immotilized himself through his contribution to the Local & Underground Hip-Hop Community. 

With music Stillyet to be released, make sure to stay tuned for more Wiley F.L.E.W. coming from the company he put his blood , sweat, & tears into.



Andrew "Aaron" Butler, a.k.a. "Wiley FLEW", a.k.a. "Skitzo", a.k.a. "Hagerstown Skeez", 28, of Hagerstown, passed away on November 14, 2017.

Born November 21, 1988 in Hagerstown, he was the son of Rodney C. Butler, Jr. of Hedgesville, and Cheryl J. Moats of Falling Waters, along with their spouses, Traci Yohe and Dennis Moats.

Aaron was a 2006 graduate of Washington County Technical High School.

He was the founder and CEO of Humble Hoodlum Entertainment. Along with his close friend and brother, Lonnie Johnson, a.k.a. "Super 'Ro", they created a local rap/hip-hop group called DreadEye, that was well known in the Hagerstown Area. Wiley dreamed of traveling and was able to do so with his music. His children were also very important to him.

In addition to his parents, he is also survived by two children, Ayden Butler, age 9 and Myla Butler, age 16 months; four brothers, Austin Butler and wife Amber, Adam Butler, Dennis Moats II, Lonnie Johnson; the mother of his children, Tara Gladhill; two nephews, Blain and Abram Butler; many extended family and many close friends.

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